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Terrasvogels & European Cup
Welcome on this site...

...which has been created specially to follow all the action of the Terrasvogels Women Softball Team during the European Cup Tournament, which will be held September 1-6 in the Czech capital Prague. On this European Cup-site, you'll find daily reports from the Terrasvogels-team in Prague, such as game-recaps, statistics and photos.

On Saturday-evening, August 30, the Terrasvogels-team flew to Prague and arrived in its hotel. Daily Report August 30
On Sunday, August 31, the team held a practice at the main site of the tournament and went down-town, while in the evening the Technical Meeting was held. Daily Report August 31
On Monday, September 1, Terrasvogels opened the tournament with a 4-0 shutout-loss vs. Legnano (Italy), but also lost 2B Nicole Wessels due to an injury. Daily Report September 1
On Tuesday, September 2, Terrasvogels suffered its second loss, an unexpected 5-1 defeat vs. Dornbirn Sharx (Austria), but then recovered and played a fine game vs. Brasschaat Braves (Belgium), winning 7-1. Daily Report September 2
On Wednesday, September 3, Terrasvogels won a 9-inning thriller vs. Skövde Saints (Sweden), 6-2, to qualify for the Final Round. Daily Report September 3
On Thursday, September 4, Terrasvogels lost twice with a 2-1 score, first vs. Cupholder Forlì (Italy), then against host SK Joudrs Praha. The first game lasted almost 3 hours and 9 innings, the last game was stopped after five innings due to darkness and was declared valid. Terrasvogels disagreed with that ruling and filed a protest. Daily Report September 4
On Friday, September 5, Terrasvogels not only saw its protest being rejected, but also lost its remaining game against Carrousel (Russia), 9-2, to finish in a disappointing sixth place, its lowest European Cup-ranking ever! Daily Report September 5
On Saturday, September 6, the European Cup Tournament ended with Legnano winning the Cup after winning the final 4-0 against Dornbirn Sharx from Austria. Daily Report September 6
On Sunday, September 7, the Terrasvogels-team had the time to further explore the beautiful city of Prague and in the evening returned back home. Head Coach Glen Roff looked back to the tournament. Daily Report September 7

...Former Coach Teun van den Berg with...
...former player Ludy van Mourik...
(Photo: Marco Stoovelaar)
The softball-club from Santpoort (The Netherlands) has a long affiliation with the European Cup-tournaments, since the first one was staged in 1978. In that year, the event was organized in Haarlem on the Noordersportpark, the home of HHC, which has become Sparks Haarlem, the local rival of Terrasvogels. By the way, Sparks Haarlem is participating this year in the CupWinners Cup Tournament in Bollate (Italy). The Noordersportpark not only was the site of the first European Cup Tournament, it also became the 'home' of the Haarlem Softball Week, which next year returns on the international calender with its tenth edition. In 1978, Terrasvogels, led by longtime coach Teun van den Berg, won the first-ever European Cup and set the tone for the following years. Since then, Terrasvogels participated almost annually in either the tournament for the European Cup or (later) the CupWinners Cup. In 30 years, Terrasvogels missed only three years in European play. Terrasvogels won the European Cup a record nine times, but the last tournament-victory dates from 1996 when the Cup was won in Bussolengo (Italy). The club also captured the CupWinners Cup twice.

In Prague, Terrasvogels will go after its tenth European Cup. The Czech capital earlier was the site of the tournament in 1992, but has a history of organizing international softball-events. Since then, it also staged the CupWinners Cup four times and was the location for the European Championships two times.

In its 2008 sponsor-brochure, one can read that this is a special year for Terrasvogels. As the club was founded in 1958, it therefore celebrates its 50th anniversary this year. Throughout the years, the club has grown into one of the most successful softball-clubs in not only the Netherlands, but also Europe. On European club-level, Terrasvogels has captured 26 medals (11 gold, 11 silver and 4 bronze). In the national competition, Terrasvogels belongs to the top for decades, finishing annually in the top-4. Last season, the club won its 15th Dutch national championship title.

Since the sixties, Terrasvogels has had numerous players on the roster of the Dutch National Team, with whom they participated in not only European and World Championships, but also the Olympic Games and high-level tournaments as the Canada Cup, Japan Cup and Haarlem Softball Week. This year, Dagmar Bloeming, Dana Horeman, Petra van Heijst and Nina van Huissteden played for the Dutch National Team, with Petra participating the just-concluded Beijing Olympics. Over the years, Terrasvogels produced a lot of national team-players, including players like Ludy van Mourik, Renée van den Berg, Gerjanne Treuren, Ineke Akkerman, Marjan de Vries, Ingeborg Cleeren, Diane Verhoef, Francis Handgraaf, Els Koks, Fredy van Offeren, Marinka Stuvel, Linda Landwehr, Sandra Nieuwveen, Marlies van der Putten, Anita Kossen, Nicole Wessels, Maaike Zijlstra, Gonny Reijnen, Monique Sanches, Nancy Visser, Joyce Smit, Laura van den Berg, Mariska de Jong, Kinge Bouma and Marissa Wienholds to name a few from the past, or Sandra Gouverneur, Judith van Kampen, Nina van Huissteden, Dana Horeman, Petra van Heijst, Dagmar Bloeming, Femke Haage, Nathalie Gosewehr, Linda Hoenderdos, Marieke Jansen and Kirsten Scheele in more recent years. On Sunday, June 29, the club celebrated its 50th anniversary and played a game against the Dutch National Team.

All these results cannot be accomplished without the right attitude of players and coaches. Most players learned the game in the youth-teams of Terrasvogels, while players from outside the area, opted to play for the club for its high level of play, but also the right management, like coaches, trainers, physical therapist and team mamagement, which is a group of enthusiastic and specialized people. Through their contributions, they are able to let the players perform on a high level, but another important element is sponsoring. When interested in sponsoring, you can contact Martin de Jonker (+31 - 6 - 53 351 289) or Hans Jansen (+31 - 23 - 5380 309).

For more information, you can visit the official site of Terrasvogels at www.terrasvogels-softball.com/.

Last Update: September 10, 2008
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