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European Cup - Day 9

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Sunday, September 9
Last Day in Prague...

PRAGUE (Czech Republic) - Sunday, September 7 was the last day for the Terrasvogels Softball Team in Prague. Players, coaches and staffmembers had almost the entire day to further explore the capital of the Czech Republic and everyone decided to go to the Old Jewish Quarter of the city, being called Josefov.

There, we went to the Jewish Museum of Prague, visited several Synagogues and walked around in this neighbourhood where there are some very beautiful decorated houses and buildings. We also went to the Old Jewish Cemetery, which is the oldest Jewish cemetery in Europe and was in use from the early 15th century until 1787 and has an estimated 12,000 graves. Jews are believed to have settled in Prague as early as the 10th century.

From the Jewish Quarter, we ended up on Old Town Square and from there it was back to the hotel for the busride to the airport. At 7:25, the Boeing 737-700 from SkyEuropes took off and after a flight of one hour and five minutes, we touched down safely back home at Schiphol Airport. And so this years European adventure of Terrasvogels ended. As Sparks Haarlem captured the CupWinners Cup on Saturday, three Dutch teams can participate in next years tournaments. One in the European Cup (national champion) and two in the CupWinners Cup. Looking to the current standings, Terrasvogels is an almost sure participant in one of the events next year and has it in its own hands which tournament that will be.

Head Coach Glen Roff looked back to the tournament as follows:
,,Basically to sum it up, we weren't prepared, not ready for a number of reasons, due to all the stoppings for the Olympic campaign, injuries, vacations, myself being too long away oversees. At the end of the day, we weren't ready, but we still really believed we could have won this, until we were officially knocked out. We had everything against us. Injuries, Nina not being here, Crissy, our number one pitcher, being sick and not in form.''

,,The game against Dornbirn was a tough game. I think it was one of the worst games, maybe even the worst, I've ever coached. Yes, I blame myself. I'm a pretty open coach and I think I had a large part in the loss. But Dornbirn was a good team and they deserved being in the final.''

,,The basic of bunting let us down, that may never be the case in a tournament like this. And there were some silly, mental baserunning mistakes, you know, the technical stuff hurt us. But we've always been a team that could have won this. There is no reason why we couldn't have done it. We were competitive in all games, also against Legano and Forlě. Our defense was better, the pitching was similar.''

,,Opening the tournament against Legnano, the best team in Europe, maybe was difficult for us, especially since most players didn't have enough game time due to the long break. On the other hand, it is not really an issue to start against a team like Legnano. When you start against weaker teams, is could give a false sense of reality, thinking you're better than you are.''

,,The long break for the Olympics really did hurt us. On a personal note, I also think the selection process put a lot of stress on our club. The selection for the Olympics was named late, it put stress on the four players we had and that flowed to the team.''

,,I'm really proud of the girls, never giving up. They fought really hard, maybe with exception of the last game. There are a lot of excuses, but I think they are genuine. We fought really hard and I'm really proud of our team.''

Mirka Luprich, the co-owner of Pension Lucie where the team stayed in Prague

All the luggage of the Terrasvogels-team was stored in the hotel-lobby
Sitting in the back are Lucie Luprich and Jára Luprich Jr.,
the daughter and son of Mirka and Jára. The hotel is named after Lucie

The team today visited the Old Jewish Quarter in Prague

The Maisel Synagogue, which was built in 1590-1592 by Mordechai Maisel,
the Mayor of the Jewish Town

One of the beautiful buildings in this area

Jamie Birk today served as the tour guide, Petra van Heijst and
Dagmar Bloeming wait where we will go next

Dana Horeman and Marieke Jansen immitate the famous sculpture of writer Franz Kafka

Assistant Coach Michael Laarman even went inside the sculpture

Dagmar Bloeming, Jamie Birk and Solange Starrenburg go over the guide of Prague

An inside view of the Pinkas Synagogue, built in 1535 by Aaron Meshullam Horowitz
After World War II, the synagogue was turned into a Memorial to the Jews of Bohema and Moravia
murdered by the Nazis. On its walls are inscribed the names of the Jewish victims
In 1968, the Memorial had to be closed because ground water had penetrated the builing's foundations
In 1992-1996, the 80.000 names of the victims were rewritten on its walls

The Old Jewish Cemetery, which was established in the first half of the 15th century
The oldest tombstone, the grave of poet Avigdor Kara, dates back to 1439
Burials took place until 1787. The Cemetery contains almost 12,000 tombstones,
but the total of persons buried here is much greater

The Ceremonial Hall, built in 1911-1912
This was the former Ceremonial Hall and mortuary of the Old Jewish Cemetery

The Klausen Synagogue, which dates from 1689, which held an important place
in the history of Prague's Jewish Town at its largest Synagogue

Another richly decorated building in the Jewish Quarter

Inside the Spanish Synagogue, which was built in 1868 on the site of the oldest
Prague Jewish house of prayer

The Old Town Square with the Jan Hus Memorial,
a statue for religious thinker and reformer Jan Hus, who was burnt
at the stake in in 1415 for his beliefs and is a national hero

Martin and Nel de Jonker, Michael Laarman, Jamie Birk, Femke Haage, Olga Kleinlooh,
Dagmar Bloeming, Solange Starrenburg, Dana Horeman and Marieke Jansen
in front of Týn Cathedral at Old Town Square

A delegation of the Hare Krishna danced and sung across the streets

Annemiek van Riessen, Nicole Wessels, Jamie Birk and Olga Kleinlooh
in front of the National Museum

Near the National Museum is the Memorial site of students Jan Palach and Jan Zajíc,
who burned themselves in January and February 1969 as a political protest

The team poses in front of our hotel with at the left Jára Jr. and Jára Luprich Sr.

Time to check-in at the airport

Kirsten, Femke, Linda and Olga wait to board the place

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