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European Cup - Day 2

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Sunday, August 31
Practice, Down-town, Technical Meeting...

PRAGUE (Czech Republic) - On Sunday, our first full day in Prague, the women softball-team of Terrasvogels conducted a practice at Svoboda Park, the home field of SK Joudrs Praha, the organising club of the European Cup Tournament and the main site of the event.

Head Coach Glen Roff and his Assistant Michael Laarman went over several infield and outfield-drills, while the pitchers threw in the bullpen, but also handled grounders. The practice could be done under a bright blue sky, as it was a beautiful day today in the Czech capital with warm temperatures of 24 degrees Celsius. It was hot in most parts of Western Europe, with temperatures of 27 degrees back home and 33 degrees in the Italian capital Rome. Weather forecasts also predict 24 degrees the next two days in Prague, but then with some clouds. On Wednesday (as well as next Saturday), the temperatures can rise to 27 degrees. In between, it will be 23-24 degrees again. Anyhow, when these forecasts are right, we will have a lovely, warm week here in the Czech Republic.

While the team was training, some of us took a brief walk behind the field, leaving the complex behind leftfield, and from there, we had a beautiful view of the City of Prague and the Moldau River, which runs through the historical city. As it was a clear day, the ancient castle of Prague also was visible.

In the evening, the team went down-town, but also the Technical Meeting of the tournament took place. Representatives of all participating teams were present and had their passports, rosters and bats checked. Why are there so many different bats? And why are there several lists of approved and non-approved bats for different organisations and tournaments? Anyhow, some teams lost bats, as they were listed as non-approved and so did the Terrasvogels-team. But enough remained to have a good week in the batter's box.

On Monday, the tournament will start. In the A-Pool tournament, two games are scheduled at 10:00 AM. Terrasvogels opens its tournament at 12:15 PM against Legnano from Italy. Complete Game Schedule

By the way, today Dagmar Bloeming's luggage also arrived in Prague and Shannah van der Kaaij was still having her birthday. Today, Shannah's parents arrived at the field and so did the parents of Linda Hoenderdos, whose father Henk also was having his birthday. Congratulations!

Head Coach Glen Roff (right) held a brief team-meeting on Sunday-morning

It was then on the bus en route to the main site of the tournament

From the bus, it was a short walk to the field

Svoboda Park, the home of organisor SK Joudrs Praha

Assistant Coach Michael Laarman waits for things to come

The team meets before the start of the practice

Nathalie Gosewehr, practicing at short, throws the ball towards third base
At right is 2B Nicole Wessels

3B Dana Horeman throws a ball towards home

2B Nicole Wessels catches a throw towards the base
At right is Femke Haage, who also practiced at second base

Short stop Petra van Heijst fields a grounder during an infield-drill
At second base, Nicole Wessels awaits the throw

2B Femke Haage steps and throws the ball to first base

Like legendary Babe Ruth did years before him,
Head Coach Glen Roff points to where he is hitting the ball
and does so moments later

Iris Kolman, who shared 3B in practice, fields a throw from the outfield

Blake Hoorelbeke and Shannah van der Kaaij (who still celebrated her birthday)
look on from first base

Today's practice was conducted under a bright blue sky

Pitchers Dagmar Bloeming, Crissy Autry and Kirsten Scheele with Head Coach Glen Roff

When you take a short walk behind the field, you have a beautiful
view of the River Moldau and the city of Prague

While General Manager Bert Wessels (right) takes a drink,
Facility Manager Martin de Jonker tries to eat his sandwich

Pitcher Kirsten Scheele fields a ball, while filling in at first base

Physical Therapist Natalie Landsaat keeps the ice warm

One of the characteristic trams of Prague

In the evening, all teams had to attend the Technical Meeting
From left to right Umpire Commissioner Rob Kerkman (Netherlands), ESF Executive Libby Moss
(Great Britain) and Chief Technical Commissioner Maurizio Ronchi (Italy)
are checking the passports and rosters of the participating teams

But also all the bats had to be checked and approved (or not)

The two Dutch Umpire Commissioners
At left is Bert Loggen, who will do the B-tournament
At right is Rob Kerkman, who handles the A-Pool event

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